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**State Updates** RVP Waivers

For ease of reference, ILTA is providing updated information on state level regulations regarding gasoline RVP requirements.

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Industry Call Questions and Minutes

A location to ask all of your questions for ILTA's Thursday afternoon industry call. We will also be storing our meeting minutes here after review.

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Employee and Contractor Health and Safety

This channel is for discussions of issues related to the health and safety of employees and contractors related to the COVID-19 epidemic. Please use this channel to post questions and to respond to the questions posted by your peers.

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Operations Issues

This channel is for discussions of operations challenges resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic and resulting declines in terminal throughput. Please use this cannel to post any questions you have about terminal operations during this uniquely challenging time, and respond to your peers' questions with any insights you can share.

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Shout Outs and Success Stories

Here's a place to give a shout out to employees, contractors, vendors, or other partners that have made a difference in your company's efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether it was an innovative idea, a thoughtful gesture, or just going above and beyond - we'd love to hear about it!

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Other Issues?

Use this channel to address any other issues or questions that you and your company are facing as you respond to new challenges cause by COVID-19 and any related economic or operational changes you are experiencing. Read about what you peers are experiencing and how they are responding.

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Additional Resources

Please check here regularly for updated materials and resources, including newly released documents and upcoming webinars, from government agencies, industry groups. We invite you to post documents and other information here as well to help our peer-to-peer community stay informed.

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